11 Top Tips to Promote your Company Online

Posted by Rose Barton on 23/10/2018

Promote your Construction Company online

As a marketing professional , you will know that it all comes down to results. While you can come up with some fabulous forward thinking strategies, unlike the people down the corridor in Sales, you might have a hard time measuring and reporting your success. This is especially the case where mediums such as advertising and events are concerned. That's where online marketing comes in, giving you a multitude of options to promote your construction company online; and the beauty is - they are all entirely measurable!

In this blog, we provide top tips to promote your company:


1. Social media

You might think your business is too 'nuts and bolts' for social media, but you'd be wrong. Social media can be a good way of giving your brand a softer and more accessible edge, as well as offer platforms to your products or services. LinkedIn can provide a natural network for corporate updates and industry discussion. And all social media interactions are completely trackable!


2. Blogging

In the modern day online marketing world, you will know that content is king. Creating interesting and shareable blogs are a great way of making your content work harder for you. You can also add calls-to-action and track the resultant visitors or enquiries you receive.


3. Search engine optimisation (SEO)

In order to promote your brand as effectively as possible, you are going to need all the search engine exposure you can get. Well planned SEO campaigns can use a number of activities - from optimised websites to credible backlinking - in order to shoot you up the rankings.


4. Thought leadership

Want to position yourself as an industry leader? There are few online marketing tactics more effective than producing thought leadership pieces which go under the name of your senior company figures. These can be placed on influential platforms and shared on social media - and you can place a hyperlink via which to track clickthroughs.


5. Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

PPC campaigns allow you to target your online advertising campaigns to specific audiences, and the beauty is that they are fully measurable. That means you can track each campaign's performance and make tweaks accordingly.


6. Events

You might think events are a massive time taker while not delivering measurable results, but have you considered online events such as webinars? You will be able to create a select list of invitees, and then track the success you have when following up.


7. Calls-to-action (CTA)

CTAs cater for the business end of online marketing. They allow you to offer a route to buy which does not impact on the content and make everything a 'hard sell'. You will also be able to see exactly who has clicked through.


8. Integrate with PR

A PR campaign targeted at influential media and industry platforms can work wonders. As long as you are reposting and sharing articles which you feature in, you can achieve increased visitor numbers which could boost enquiries.


9. Word of mouth

As a result of all your good online marketing work, you should see a 'trickle down effect' which sees your company gain enquiries via word of mouth. While this isn't entirely trackable, the question 'how did you hear about us?' can unearth the good work you've been doing.


10. Are your marketing tactics outdated?

Using all the activities detailed above as part of an integrated marketing strategy can be a major time drain; both in terms of the research needed to stay up to date with prevalent techniques, and conducting the activities themselves. Consider the help of a specialist inbound marketing agency as both a time and money saver.


11. Integrated inbound marketing

Remember to make your offline activities ally with your online marketing set up. That means sharing your attendance at events online, or ensuring that your company's business cards and other marketing collateral has links to your website and social media accounts.

So those are some top tips to promote your company online - the web can represent a massive opportunity to galvanise your company's growth within your sector.


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