8 Must-Have Tips for Nurturing Online Leads

Posted by Rose Barton on 23/11/2019


How do I achieve more conversions? It is a common conundrum for businesses which have a presence online. But occupying the middle ground between lead generation and the ability to attract buyers is lead nurturing.

The way in which you nurture leads can be 'make or break' in respect to whether they become customers.

So in this blog, we offer eight handy pointers when it comes to coaxing your leads into the later stages of the buyer's journey:

1. Every lead is different

That means you don't need to send every email to every lead. You need a way of assessing your leads, allowing you to qualify your sales. What is a qualified sales lead? It is a lead which has been judged on its 'sales readiness'. You can do this by segmenting the background, interaction level and knowledge level of each lead, which then determines what to send them, and when.

2. Educate your leads

Depending on which stage of the buyer's journey your lead is at, you will need to educate them accordingly. For example, fresh leads might benefit from general awareness blogs and interesting video content which gets them interested using information that identifies a problem or pain point that they are experiencing. While a lead which has already shown a level of interest might be ready for a demo or discussion with your sales team, so that they learn more about the product.

3. Personalisation and customisation

If you are using mass mail outs to contact your leads, you are missing the point entirely! You should try to personalise every element within reason - from addressing leads by their name, to name-checking their location or organisation. There are solutions which can help you automate customisation.

4. Let your leads breath

Don't bombard your leads. An email a day is far too frequent. Space out your communications and allow your leads to consume what you send them.

5. It's not all about email

Remember, there are other ways to nurture leads aside from email marketing campaigns. They include ensuring that there are calls to action on your best performing landing pages, i.e. your lead pages that convert. What is a call to action? These are the pathways you offer leads in your content, such as invitations to visit a certain page, call a number, or send an email.

6. Get going!

You should be the proactive party in your interactions with leads. Don't wait until they enquire by email or telephone, once you have generated a lead, make contact with them as soon as you can, even if it is just to send them a piece of content that will be of interest to them and remind them who you are.

7. Understand pain points

A massive part of nurturing online leads is to understand what makes your prospects tick. Once you know their pain points, you should endeavour to address these in all forms of your content.

8. Create ways to re-engage

Finally, if a lead goes silent, how do you get them interacting again? Keep some tricks up your sleeve, such as offering a special offer or discount, or asking them for feedback on your content.

We hope you found these tips useful. Remember that nurturing leads is more similar to a marathon than a sprint!

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