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Why care where your leads are in The Buyer's Journey?

20/01/2020 Rose Barton
In this article, we look at the relationship between sales and marketing in the context of the customer journey and why you should care. We also explain how your engagement with leads should be fine-tuned with the right sales and marketing!
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Topic Clusters Are The Way Forward For SEO

16/12/2019 Rose Barton
Topic Clusters are the latest trend in content marketing and they are providing the next evolution in SEO. Many articles have referred to topic clusters as “the new keywords”, and in some cases, it’s referenced as an “earth-shattering” evolution of search engine optimisation and inbound marketing.
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Where to start with Inbound Marketing?

3/12/2019 Rose Barton
As part 3 of 7 of our Inbound Marketing explainer series, we ask the question: “Where to start with Inbound Marketing?" The inbound marketing process begins with a great website. You want a fully functioning search engine optimised website to be part of this marketing revolution.
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How Do You Score Leads in Lead Generation?

27/11/2019 Rose Barton
Right at the heart of many productive lead nurturing campaigns is lead scoring, which offers a calculated method of assessing the stages of the buyer's journey each lead is at, and ultimately, attract buyers more effectively.
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What is lead nurturing? And why is it so vital?

24/11/2019 Rose Barton
Once you have done your lead generation, it is lead nurturing which can deliver the conversions which we cherish as marketers. But what exactly is lead nurturing, and why is it so important in the quest to attract buyers? In this blog, we look closer.
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8 Must-Have Tips for Nurturing Online Leads

23/11/2019 Rose Barton
How do I achieve more conversions? It is a common conundrum for businesses which have a presence online. But occupying the middle ground between lead generation and the ability to attract buyers is lead nurturing.
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What is a Lead Nurturing Campaign?

22/11/2019 Rose Barton
Marketing in a business sense can be simply summarised as an activity intended to attract leads. But that would be ignoring the vital process of lead nurturing, which can be critical to making the conversions which can have a positive impact on growth.
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What is a Sales Qualified lead?

21/11/2019 Rose Barton
Leads come in many shapes, sizes and stages of 'sales-readiness'. While it might not be the snappiest marketing phrase you will hear all year, sales-readiness can make all the difference when it comes to a lead nurturing campaign, defining what is, and isn't a sales qualified lead.
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Are You A Great Leader?

18/11/2019 Rose Barton
Once upon a time chief executives could hide behind the boardroom doors. Today's expectation from consumers and staff alike is that the leaders of companies, small and large, should represent their brands
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Inbound Marketing will attract the LEADS you need!

21/10/2019 Rose Barton
The inbound marketing methodology is one of the hottest trends currently being utilised by businesses all around the world.
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Why is Inbound Marketing winning the day?

20/09/2019 Rose Barton
As part 2 of 7 of our Inbound Marketing series of videos, we ask the question: “Why is inbound Marketing winning the day?"
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Best Ways to Use Social Media to Advertise Your Company

7/06/2019 Rose Barton
As a marketing manager, time is of the essence. You don't want you, or your staff, wasting any time which could be used more wisely.
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How To Get On The First Page of Google For Your Website

15/05/2019 Rose Barton
Only three per cent of Google searches get to the second page of results.
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How to Market Your Company on Instagram

4/03/2019 Rose Barton
Instagram - which currently has 700 million monthly unique users - is the fastest growing social media platform on the planet. Where there are millions of users, there is a huge potential market to target - so how best to go about it?
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How to improve returns on investment from your PPC campaigns

11/02/2019 Rose Barton
In most cases, Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns are not being created most effectively to ensure returns on investment and small adjustments need to be made to improve yields, but in some,
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How To Use Social Media To Promote Your Company

3/12/2018 Rose Barton
In today's digital world social media is an absolutely crucial marketing channel for any company. A sound social media strategy can offer a vital platform for engaging and communicating with your buyer personas
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11 Top Tips to Promote your Company Online

23/10/2018 Rose Barton
As a marketing professional , you will know that it all comes down to results.
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6 Steps to Creating A Marketing Strategy for your Company

9/10/2018 Rose Barton
As a senior professional , you realise that creating a marketing strategy is a two way exercise.
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