Best Ways to Advertise Your Commercial Property Development

Posted by Rose Barton on 2/03/2018

Best Ways to Advertise Your Commercial Property Development

How much time do you or your sales team put into advertising your commercial property development? Is it not enough to give your properties the limelight they need to gain traction in a competitive local market? Or is it longer than you would like to devote to advertising campaigns when there is so much else to do on a daily basis.

Ensure that you identify the unique selling points wherever possible and bring these out within your advertising:

In this blog, we look at various channels and ways to advertise your commercial property:

Use online and offline

In the internet era, it is all too easy to abandon traditional forms of property marketing in favour of an online-only approach. In truth, a mix of both can work best, so look to combine offline methods such as print advertising and direct mail with online campaigns when you come to advertise your commercial property. 

Track your enquiries

If you feel that marketing isn't as measurable as you would like, you might be failing to track your enquiries. While your enquiries may come in through different channels, you should ensure that you have a method of tracking every communication - from telephone to email and click-throughs. This way you can collate the results and measure your progress.

Set your timelines

Another way of making your campaigns more accountable is to set clear timelines which give the campaign a time frame in which to operate in. This way you can measure success within a set time and adjust accordingly.

Banner advertising and elite listing exposure

Don't be afraid to invest more in 'elite' or 'prime' advertising slots which will give you exposure above standard listings - it's all about standing out!

Professional photographs

Images are everything, and your listings can really benefit from impactful shots bathed in natural light.

Use video

Offering a virtual tour in the form of a video can go a long way to giving potential customers a feel for a property online. Shooting a pro video to show off a property's best bits can be make or break in terms of a sale.

'Holistic' property advertising

If there is a nice feature or an improvement in your development, then your potential customers need to know about it. Don't leave anything out and present the complete picture of your property's attributes.

Call to action

At the business end of your commercial property advertising will be a call to action. This is the chance for you or your team to rack up some leads, so ensure that there is a clear and simple way for a potential customer to contact you - you might want to offer the option of calling and emailing.

Advertising, be it online or offline, is an essential facet of modern day commercial property advertising - so make sure that your campaigns are as optimised as possible by using the tips above.

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