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Posted by Alex Barton on 22/12/2017

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The world of marketing has gone through a tidal shift in the last decade. Now most large companies are putting more into inbound marketing than they are outbound. Advertising is not dead, but content marketing has proved a potent force and it could even double your website conversions for your property company.

Inbound marketing is a blend of content creation and social media, which can help spread your digital footprint far and wide. What it also does is locate like-minded people, your likely clients, and bring them to your website.

What does that mean? It’s bringing you warm leads, interested people that could easily be converted to customers. You’re communicating with them on a subject that matters, in a language they understand, and they found you. You haven’t interrupted them with an advert while they were peacefully reading the paper, you haven’t jumped out and cried for attention - they came looking for you!

That means the quality of your leads improved at a stroke. Essentially, by biting on the hook of your inbound marketing, the lead has virtually pre-qualified themselves.

Inbound marketing has been proven in a recent study by industry giant, Hubspot, to generate 54% more leads and twice as many conversions. Of course, you need to work on your content, but every piece of writing, video or photography on your website should be subtly instilling confidence, positioning yourself as an authority and nudging them gently towards the sale.

Then it’s a case of opening the marketing funnel wider and higher and spinning it round in to a circular flywheel model, which is where social media comes into its own. This is one of the most cost-effective means of communicating with your customers and potential customers, spreading the net far and wide and making that invaluable first contact with people that have never heard of you.

Once you have done that, it’s a case of enticing them to visit the website, then sign up - so you can keep in regular contact via email. It is often said that it can take seven touch points to make people buy. Outbound marketing is clumsy, it’s grabbing them; inbound marketing is a much more seductive process that moves things along at the right speed and gets people in the mood to buy.

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