Effective Ways To Use Social Media For Construction Companies

Posted by Rose Barton on 7/03/2018

Effective Ways To Use Social Media For Construction Companies

Social media might seem as fanciful or fluffy in a hard-nosed industry such as construction, but on the contrary, in today's digital world it is a crucial marketing channel. A sound social media strategy can offer a vital platform for engaging and communicating with your key target audiences, while directing more visitors to your construction website.

In this blog we look at effective ways to use social media for your construction company:

Get sharing!

The multitude of social media networks - from Facebook to Twitter and LinkedIn - give you a set of platforms for sharing a wide variety of posts which can engage your audiences. These posts can range from corporate updates such as business wins, new recruits and partnerships; to showcase photos of new builds or redeveloped properties; or internal news related to what your team has been doing in and out of work. You should get into the habit of sharing all these developments on social media. But be aware - it is important to share the right information, in the right tone, on the right platform. That's because each network has a different type of audience.

Consistency is key

While you don't want to go over the top, it is important that you create and build momentum with your social media campaigns. Much of this can come down to regular posting. If you are a construction marketing team with no time on your hands, it can help for team members to set an Outlook reminder which alerts them to post to a certain schedule - every day, for example. You can actually schedule most of your posts for the month ahead, leaving space for anything unplanned which comes up. Then there is the option of employing a specialist agency to take the weight off your shoulders entirely.

Setting your style

By the same token, consistency when it comes to style is also important. Whichever member of your marketing team is charged with creating social media posts on a particular day, you can ensure that the style, tone and content of each post is in line with your brand values by producing a style guide which everyone must adhere to. It can avoid the problem of posts which are inappropriate.

Measure and report

It can be the bane of a Head of Marketing's existence: How do I prove the quality of the work that my team is doing to the 'powers that be'? The answer can lie in tracking, measuring, reporting and analysing. Most social media networks offer some kind of front end or back end tool to do this. So ensure that you are recording information on fans, followers, likes and ultimately, conversions!

Keep it fresh

Your social media accounts shouldn't go stale, as you risk losing momentum. Even if it means reposting an article which you originally put out a few months back, it is better than an inactive account.

So while you may not be a 'Facebook freak', it is important for construction marketing pros to embrace social media as a key method of engagement with a variety of specific audiences.

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