How much does a Property website cost?

Posted by Alex Barton on 19/07/2016

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There are a few things which you need to know in order to find out 'How much does a Property website cost?'
Below we have detailed a few things that you need to consider first...

1. How long is a piece of string?

It may seem like a cheeky question but without a clear brief we will have nothing to estimate against. We want to be realistic so you don't suffer any surprises along the way and we take pride in our transparent approach to our services. Make a list of the pages you would like to feature. Typically you may include a home page, about us, our services page, benefits page and contact us page and don't forget your privacy and site map pages in order to ensure that the search engines are happy with your processes. There are most likely other pages that are required and we are on hand to advise and help out if needed.

2. What do your customers or clients want to see?

Think about what content may be featured on each page. Images, text etc? Your 'content is king' for your website. Our tip is keep the text content to the point and don't waffle. Only use images that help to illustrate the text content. Good use of white space will allow the end user to read the page with ease. Always make sure a 'call to action' is featured on every page. The key to good search engine optimisation is making the content relevant to the end user and unique to others and from page to page.

3. Are there other ways to communicate the message?

Video is growing on the World Wide Web and search engines love it if it's done right. Most importantly end users love it. A video allows the user to sit back and take in the information with greater ease than reading text. We propose that engaging your end users is vital to the success of your website and business. Think about how video may be useful in your website. Live chat is another popular way to allow people to contact and engage with you, so ask yourself if this is relevant. If you aren't sure then why not test and measure it for a short period to see and call us to chat it through.

4. What is your budget?

We prefer to ask what level of investment is available? A website should be a tool for your business and as such should drive returns on your investment. If we are given a budget or investment level then we can tailor the package to get the best solution for your requirements. Understanding your aims and objectives is key. If there isn't the budget in place to meet your expectations then we will advise. The reality is that everything is possible with the internet but there are right ways and wrong ways of doing things.

5. What are your aims and objectives?

We will work with you to understand what these are in detail but it is worth considering these by the estimating stage so that we can provide the most appropriate web site solution.

6. Do you require hosting for your website?

Our managed website hosting solutions are optimised specifically to the nature of your website so the more we understand then the most appropriate hosting solution we can provide. For example, an ecommerce website compared to a brochure style website may require more storage space. Our hosting solutions are co-located and managed to ensure maximum up time and accountability so you can be rest assured.

7. When are you looking to go live?

We don't want you to be disappointed so if you are looking to take your site live next week then it won't happen with us. Why? Initially we will work on the design concepts, take in feedback and move to achieve sign off on the interface design before we go to build the site. All code that we create is hand written to ensure that the cleanest and most search engine friendly solution is delivered. We then carry out website testing to ensure a working solution before we go live. By working on many hundreds of websites and online solutions we are able to best advise of the realistic schedule required. We will always deliver within the agreed time frames. We have many happy clients that will say the same.

8. How will people know you are there and find you online?

Whilst creating a website is a must for most businesses if no-one can find you online then your website may not be earning its keep. There are things you can do initially (see below) to help get your website out there. We will have also built your website using SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Best Practice Techniques so search engines can browse your site with ease helping your organic position. There are many ways we can help you market your business online to ensure further success and growth for your business.

Things you can do to create awareness of your website if you haven't already are…
a. Register with Google+ and Google Places
b. Sign up for a free listing on Scoot, Yell and any other online business registration sites.
c. Create a LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook business page and link to it from the site.

There is so much more to consider for your website and by utilising our website and marketing expertise we will ensure that all is considered and that you receive a stress free experience that delivers your desired results.

We love helping businesses like yours. No sales pitches, just sound advice. Click below to complete your details and we’ll be in touch within the hour...


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