How to use brochures to win more business - Part 1 - Distribution

Posted by Exubra on 29/06/2017

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28 profit-boosting ideas, tips, tactics & techniques to help you gain maximum marketing value from every brochure and win more business!

Use brochures to win more business... A powerful brochure design and printed brochure is one of the most effective marketing tools any business could have. It provides an excellent opportunity to deliver important information about your company, products or services.

Great brochure design can give you a stronger, more established image. With this added credibility, a business can’t help but grow. Such an image enables you to command higher product prices or service fees in the marketplace. When you “look” well-established and successful, people often assume you are.

Typical brochure formats offer plenty of room to provide all the relevant details about your business and what you offer. With the unlimited options that are available today, you can have as much space as you need to present a compelling marketing message.

Brochures help you stay in touch with customers and prospects. It’s a great way to introduce a new product or service, or to simply remind your market that you’re ready to meet their needs.

Perhaps the greatest single advantage of brochures is their general acceptance in the marketplace. Many people actually welcome brochures. With the possible exception of the business card, there’s no more respected marketing medium available. Any business that doesn’t use at least one brochure is not maximizing its marketing potential.

But most businesses that go to the trouble of producing brochures, fail to use them as effectively as they could.

Brochures are often under-utilised, even though they possess tremendous potential as marketing tools to continuously improve sales, cash flow and profits.

The following tips are part of a series designed to help you get the most mileage out of distributing your brochure. Test only those that seem most appropriate for you as not all tips are suited to every business. Some ideas may work better in certain industries and applications. Go through the complete list and see how many you can generate returns from.

1. Offer your brochure as you would your business card

Think of your brochure as a natural extension of your card. It introduces your product, service, or business in much greater detail than a business card could possibly do. A brochure allows you to share what’s important or special about your product and what’s of greatest value to the specific recipient.

2. Find a company that is already in front of your target market

Create a win-win situation to gain access to their database. Joint venture with this non-competing firm, who happen to be serving the same kind of customer you want to reach. Include this company’s brochure in your showroom display rack and ask for the same in return. Offer to include their brochure in your next mailing, if they’ll reciprocate. A joint venture between an accountant and small business consultant would be one example of this strategy in action.

3. Stimulate referrals

Stimulate referrals by sending 3 copies to every name on your customer list and ask them to pass these brochures along way to friends or associates who could benefit from your product or service. Offer a small reward in return. If you’ve satisfied your customers in the past, many will be happy to oblige. The brochure is an easy, laid-back way for customers to tell others about what you have to offer.

4. Use your brochure as a ‘leave behind’ piece

Use your brochure as a ‘leave behind’ piece after a sales call or while networking with any potential customer. If they qualify as a bona fide prospect, chances are they’ll welcome your brochure simply because they stand to benefit from what you have to offer.

5. Leave a brochure with each customer

Have your service personnel, delivery staff, installers, or technicians leave a brochure with each customer as they finish the job. Most people are emotionally involved at that moment, happy to have their new furniture, washing machine repaired, or computer operating once again. This gives you an inside edge to sell additional products and services and an advantage for future business.

6. Offer to distribute your informational brochure to members of a specific group

For example, a multi-unit complex designed to house new business start-ups might be an excellent location for marketing your delivery service or small business accounting operation. Make arrangements to have your brochure available in the administrative office.

7. Send your brochure along with your quotation when bidding on jobs.

It may not help you land that particular bid, but it could improve your chances in the future as the company requesting bids becomes more familiar with you and your business. This could even help get you on the list of preferred suppliers, ensuring that you at least get a crack at bidding on other projects.

8. Conduct a mail drop of a targeted area

Conduct a mail drop of a targeted area if a large proportion of addresses could be considered viable prospects. The cost per piece is far less than first-class mail and it’s easier to blanket an area with your message. The key to bulk distribution is having a high concentration of people who fit your predetermined profile of the typical customer.

9. Direct mail

Take advantage of the unique quality of direct mail to pinpoint specific individual prospects who are good candidates to receive your brochure. With direct mail you can mail one piece or one hundred thousand – all individually addressed.

10. Deliver your brochure at trade shows

Don’t just hand one out to every passing visitor. Instead, give your brochure only to those who (A) Request it… or (B) Show some interest in what you have to offer. Many show visitors return home with a bag full of brochures, flyers, information sheets, and more, most of which ends up in the garbage.

11. Add a brochure to your outgoing mail whenever sending invoices or statements to clients

The brochure rides free (except for any extra postage required) and it gives you another opportunity to market to the most profitable database you could ever compile – your own customer list.

12. Insert them as part of a free information kit

Include your brochure as part of a free information kit you send to leads generated through publicity, classified ads, directory listings, on line contacts or display advertising.

13. Look for distribution opportunities everywhere

Consider display kiosks in shopping centres. Many shopping centres now offer information areas that feature various brochures, booklets and newsletters. If you market to consumers, this could be a worthwhile means of getting the word out about what you offer.

14. Make your brochure available everywhere

Always be ready to seize distribution opportunities as they appear. Display your brochure near your reception area, cash counter or service desk. If any of your products are sold in stores, ask about providing descriptive brochures and locating them nearby.

15. Include your brochure when sending out thank-you cards to clients after the sale

The brochure could introduce a new product or service at a time when the customer is feeling good about you.

16. Use your brochure to support all other marketing efforts

Mail it out to prospects who call to inquire about your services. Forward it to those who answer your survey or sign the guest book at your web site. Use it as part of any marketing system you implement.

17. Distribute it within and industry publication

Consider distributing your brochure through an industry publication, magazine, report, or newsletter whose readership fits your target market profile.

18. Handout

Offer your informational brochure as a handout at your local library or business development office. If it’s of value to their patrons or visitors, you stand a good chance of gaining this additional avenue of distribution.

19. Request that your brochure be displayed and offered in tourism offices

If your business is one that could cater to outside visitors. This could include retailers or warehouse outlets, manufacturers that sell direct to the public, restaurants, hotels, or any service provider who may be of interest to travellers.

20. Seek out retail locations within your jurisdiction, where various brochures are already offered to customers and visitors

Consider options such as drug, health food, grocery and hardware stores, as well as coffee shops and fast food outlets. If your brochure features information of value to a store’s customers — without the blatant hard-sell – you stand a good chance of getting an opportunity to profit from this distribution channel.

21. Inquire about placement in waiting rooms of doctors, dentists, chiropractors, alternative health practitioners and specialists of all kinds

Again, make sure you offer something visitors and clients could easily benefit from. One client used this strategy successfully by marketing a scholarship fund for children’s education.

22. Build your own in-house mailing list by offering to send free information to visitors to your web site

Feature your colourful, attention-grabbing brochure as a dominant component of the response package.

23. Enclose a brochure with your product packaging

Offer additional related products and services. Tell your company story in full detail to help generate warm feelings towards your products.

24. Send a brochure to names in the news

Congratulate these people on their positive exposure. It’s an easy way to introduce yourself and the products and services you represent.

25. Arrange a co-op mailing with another business that currently targets the same buyer persona

For example, a shoe repair shop could be a perfect co-op match for a dry cleaning firm. Prospects and customers of one business could easily become customers of the other.

26. Include an introductory brochure when you send your congratulations acknowledging the achievements of others

Take full advantage of announced appointments, expansion plans, IPO’s, sales increases, new contracts won, special awards, and community participation to recognize others and by default, introduce yourself.

27. Send your brochure to editors of trade publications, magazines and newsletters

Let people of influence know about you. Make sure that what you offer is relevant to their readers and not just more of the same thing everyone else offers.

28. Let elected officials in your area know about your company by sending your brochure

Include government officials at the local, regional, county, as well as the national level. Spread the word about the good things you offer customers from their own constituency. Create awareness in high places.


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