How to use brochures to win more business - Part 2 Strategies & Marketing

How to use brochures to win more business - Part 2 Strategies & Marketing

Posted by Exubra on 5/07/2017

brochures win business - part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of our 'How to use brochures to win more business' series - Target Marketing, Strategies and Techniques.

In this article we have 33 more profit-boosting ideas, tips, tactics & techniques to help you gain maximum marketing value from your brochure design and win more business!

The following strategies and techniques are designed to help you get the most mileage out of brochure design and printed brochures. Test only those that seem most appropriate for you as not all tips are suited to every business. Some ideas may work better in certain industries and applications. Go through the complete list and see how many you can profit from.


Target Marketing


29. Ensure that only likely prospects receive your brochure

More promotional material gets trashed because it was of absolutely no interest to the recipient, than for any other reason. You want your message to get through to qualified people only – those with an interest and the capability to buy. To deliver brochures randomly is a waste of paper and money.


30. Create a realistic description of who your customers are and where you might be able to locate them

Consider both primary and secondary target markets and work on your best prospects first.


31. Specify the target audience that offers the greatest potential gain

The more precisely and advantageously you can market, the better will be your results. Gather typical customer data and use it to develop and adjust strategy.


32. Consider your brochure as vital to your success as your business card

Always have them ready, wherever you happen to be. Keep a supply in your car. Tuck a few into your daily planner, briefcase or handbag. Preparation ensures you never miss an opportunity to let others know what you have to offer.


33. Identify areas where your prospects gather

Where do they meet, congregate, or network? Discovering where they are is a necessary prerequisite to reaching them.


Strategies & Techniques


34. Profit from the single most important advantage of brochures – extended shelf life

A brochure that contains information of value to the recipient – where the value is clearly evident – is usually retained by the prospect. Brochures that offer on-target and helpful information are either acted on immediately, or set aside for future reference.


35. Influence

Influence more than customers and immediate prospects with a brochure that projects quality, expertise, know-how, and an image that exudes success. Use it as a subtle form of influence and persuasion with employees, bankers, suppliers, investors, and other merchants.


36. Be prepared

When a prospect asks for more information, that’s when you want to present your brochure. Make sure you’re well-stocked so you can answer the call immediately while interest is high. You’ll gain a strong advantage over the competitor who isn’t as prepared and ends up sending a jumbled assortment of specification sheets and form letters. A well-crafted brochure presents a concise, positive overview.


37. Treat your brochure as something of real value...

...rather than something designed to simply bring in more business. Even though attracting more business is the ultimate goal, when you think of your document as something of value and usefulness to those you serve, you’ll tend to be more selective with distribution. This in turn can only help boost response rates. Knowing that you’ve got something worthwhile gives you tremendous confidence to get busy marketing.


38. Become known for your brochure

Whether it’s the valuable information included or the “attachment” used to create attention and interest, being remembered for your brochure can go a long way in generating positive feelings towards you. Selling is more about perception than about products. Creating a favourable perception, with unique brochure design and print, in the beginning sets up a positive situation where selling is more welcomed.


39. Use your brochure to continually reinforce your positive image in the community you serve

Get your market to think of you first, whenever they want what you can deliver. You want your customers to own you and that involves keeping in touch regularly in a way that evokes positive emotions.


40. Include a personalised introductory letter with every brochure you mail

The letter should warm-up prospects to the benefits you have to offer. It also encourages the recipient to take a look at your enclosed brochure. Tests indicate that a mailed brochure with letter generates far greater response than a solo brochure mailing.


41. Communicate effectively

Communicate effectively with your prospective customers by giving them the chance to know something about you first, before you get the chance to meet face-to-face. A well-designed brochure will whet the recipient’s appetite for finding out more about your products and services.


42. Build credibility

A quality brochure says a lot about you and your company. A professional design and print job conveys an impression of a well-established business. Prospects will gain a sense of your seriousness and commitment when invest in quality marketing materials. The content must clearly communicate your ability to meet the needs and wants of the marketplace.


43. Use your brochure as an ice-breaker

A well thought-out piece containing useful details or helpful ideas can provide a welcome introduction to your company, product, or service.


44. Establish your positioning in the marketplace by conveying your unique customer benefits

Do you offer convenience, attractive pricing, product exclusivity… or a better quality of service? Focus on the one primary element that gives you a greater edge over all competitors.


45. Initiate a dialogue with your prospective customer through your brochure

Your brochure should relay the most important information about your company’s services – key information typical prospects want to know before doing business with you. It also opens the door for the prospect to make the next move when you offer a special price, extend an invitation of some kind, or simply suggest a call or visit.


46. Make your best sale presentation ever

Deliver you best thought-out sales message in print form. Focus on answering prospect objections in a logical, meaningful way. In a live presentation, it’s easy to miss a key point and subsequently weaken your sales impact. With a brochure, you control the presentation and execute perfectly every time.


47. Show off your accomplishments

Be proud of any acknowledgements. Tell all about your awards, certificates, proven test results and media coverage. Use the words of satisfied clients to detail specifically how your company helped them in some way.


48. Create a “personal” brochure...

...that offers details about you as an individual, serving a particular market. People don’t buy from companies – they buy from other people. This point should be of particular interest to service businesses. Use a personal brochure in conjunction with a corporate brochure to give the prospect a better feeling about you on a personal level.


49. Use your brochure to generate leads

Target your niche market. Everything included in the brochure should “sell” prospects on taking the next step towards making a purchase – whether that step is a call, email or shop visit. For lead-generation, concentrate on moving the prospect to the next logical step in the sales process.


50. Sell your products and services directly from your brochure

Include every conceivable benefit and rank them in order of importance to the prospect. Address every question and concern. Provide a special offer for immediate orders.


51. Generate more store traffic

Generate more store traffic by including a time-limited offer, or an invitation to a special presentation, fashion show, book signing, celebrity appearance, etc.


52. Introduce a new product or service to your existing client base

Brochures are a great way to announce new items or services to proven buyers. Of course, they can also be used for this purpose with new prospects.


53. Promote any special event with a customised brochure

Announce it first through advertising, publicity, your web site, etc. Then share the complete details with a follow-up brochure.


54. Send a brochure along with your press release... announce new products, special events, community involvement, new services, etc. It’s a great way to provide supplemental background material for any editor who may be interested in following up on the store.


55. Include a brochure when distributing your company newsletter in the post or by email as a link to an online brochure 

By adding a separate component to the mailing you increase the likelihood of having your promotional message read, particularly if the recipient values your newsletter.


56. Enclose a brochure with your business plan whenever you seek outside financing

Prospective lenders and investors will appreciate your marketing efforts and the opportunity to see exactly what your prospective customer sees. This gives potential lenders a better perspective of your marketing efforts. If you’ve done your job well and created a stellar brochure, your odds of obtaining financing will have increased.


57. Take advantage of the opportunities your local chamber of commerce provides by arranging to have your brochures displayed in their offices

This strategy could work very well for anyone who provides services to small businesses. Each chamber has its own rules that must be followed and you might have to be a member in good standing to benefit from this idea. In the least, you need to have something relevant and of value to any group’s membership.


58. Use your brochure as a follow-up communication after your sales presentation

Provide back-up information or elaborate or further clarify specific details. This helps foster a better understanding of your product. It also exposes the reader to your sales message a second time… a second way… for double the impact.


59. Demonstrate how your product or service and the benefits it delivers to the customer

Presenting this on paper opens up a world-wide market for you. It’s a simple and effective way of making a sales call without the need for you or your account representative to be present.


60. Let every supplier know what you do

If they’re keen business people, they’ll have a vested interest in your success. Suppliers may know of additional prime prospects for your product. Often, just being made more aware of what it is you do provides the impetus for supplier referrals directed towards your company.


61. Consult others before placing your printing order

Collect opinions on all the variables such as headlines, envelopes, paper stock, graphics, colours – anything that can have an impact on your results. Carefully monitor and document the responses you receive. This is an inexpensive way to market-test your brochure before you incur the expenses of printing and distribution. Consider all comments and then make any adjustments you feel are warranted.

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