10 Great Ways to Make your Brochures STAND OUT from the Crowd!

Posted by Alex Barton on 4/02/2016


A well designed and thought out brochure will do wonders for your business. Below are a few questions to which you will want to know the answers.

  1. What's the brochure's purpose?

    Will you be mailing the brochure by itself or as part of a bigger pack? Is it for an exhibition? How will you distribute it?

  2. Who's your audience?

    Existing or prospective customers? All of them, or just a section? Who will be reading it – executives, creatives, techies?

  3. Who should be involved?

    It's best to get decision makers involved at the early stages. Have a brainstorming session to thrash out your ideas.

  4. How much can you spend?

    It's best to know your budget from the outset. That way, we can find the most appropriate solution without breaking the bank.

  5. Who's going to write it?

    You got good English grades and want to write the copy yourself. Many people do. Pick up a book on copywriting and get some tips. But edit yourself aggressively. If you can use half the words, do. We can help with the polish if you want us to.

  6. How much photography will you use?

    Have you got photos sorted already, or will you need some taking? Or will low-cost stock photos do the job? How many will you need?

  7. Who's going to design it?

    You may cook a wicked lasagne, but could you cater for five hundred? If you've tinkered with a design package, you may consider designing your brochure yourself. Do so at your peril. You may end up with a lame brochure that does more harm than you think. Leave it to the pros. We’d love to help. And it's best to get a designer involved early in the project.

  8. What are your competitors doing?

    Gather together your main competitors' brochures. This may help decide what you need to cover. You need to look at least as good, if not better.

  9. How much detail should you go into?

    It's tempting to include every little nugget of information. Great brochures are often uncluttered, with lots of white space. Keep the copy clean and relevant to your audience.

  10. Who's going to proof it?

    Not anyone who's been involved! People tend to read what they think they've written. Use a fresh pair of eyes and meticulously check every detail. It's worth the effort.

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