How to improve returns on investment from your PPC campaigns

Posted by Rose Barton on 11/02/2019

Target your PPC campaigns

In most cases, Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns are not being created most effectively to ensure returns on investment and small adjustments need to be made to improve yields, but in some, there needs to be a massive shift in thinking to a more focused approach.

There is little point in having 10,000 keywords within your Pay Per Click campaign when 90% have little or no impact; this can do a considerable amount of damage to your overall statistics and can be a costly way to do things. So, to make things a little easier for you, we have created this blog to show you how to improve returns on investment from your PPC campaigns by being more specific and targeted.

Once you have identified your keyword list, you will want to make sure that the keywords themselves are set up correctly using keyword matching. In this blog, we define the five main match types for your Pay Per Click campaigns.

The five main options are:

Exact Match

For example [services in Essex] will display ads for this exact phrase only.

Phrase Match:

For example, 'service Essex' will display ads for this keyphrase with other words – e.g. 'employ service Essex' or 'hire service Essex' - though will not show for plurals or if in reverse.

Broad Match:

For example, 'service Essex' will display the ad for this keyphrase, plurals and any part of the keyphrase also with other words, i.e. 'service' or 'service to buy'. Which may not be relevant to the product or services you are offering. Broad Match is not recommended with use of Broad Match Modifier, the more recommended match type.

Broad Match Modifier:

For example, +service +Essex

You can add a modifier (the plus sign (+) on your keyboard) to any of the terms that are part of your broad match keyword phrase. By adding a modifier, your ads can only show when someone’s search contains those modified terms, or close variations of the modified terms, in any order. The modifier won’t work with phrase match or exact match keywords.

Unlike broad match keywords, modified broad match keywords won’t show your ad for synonyms or related searches. For this reason, it adds an additional level of control. Using broad match modifier is a excellent choice if you want to increase relevancy even if it means you might get less ad traffic than broad match. E.g. +services +Essex will show for searches such as 'employ services in Essex”' or 'expert services in Essex'.

Negative Match:

For example, if you add a negative keyphrase such as '-buy', then the ad will not be displayed when the keyword 'buy' is searched for - 'Buy Services in Essex'. This can further help to increase the relevance of your ads.

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