Mammoth essex catalogue design project completed by marketing leaders

Posted by Alex Barton on 16/05/2017


Exubra's latest completed 348 page catalogue design project for Universal Site Supplies has taken them to new heights.

After producing Universal Site Supplies’ first edition 106-page essex catalogue design in 2008, Exubra have now successfully accommodated the company’s rapidly expanding product range in a 2017 edition, which has enhanced Universal Site Supplies’ business development and the quality of service to their existing national client base.

The new marketing collateral, which has been both designed and printed by Exubra, encompasses the entire Universal Site Supplies range, from footwear to road barriers. It is expected that the updated publication will successfully demonstrate a key message of Universal Site Supplies’ continued growth to readers, while offering the company the advantage of being able to showcase every product in one location.


Exubra's branding and design experts overcame numerous hurdles in the production of the new catalogue, including the rapidly changing selection of products on the market, and Universal Site Supplies’ desire to have their newest stock included in the catalogue. The contents were finalised in early 2017, accommodating this year’s latest releases, from PPE to the hand tools most sought after by today’s construction companies.

Exubra relished the opportunity to take on the lengthy project, and implemented a production strategy based around designing styling and templates for the catalogue ranges first, with featured products being added at a later stage. A colour coded design styling was implemented to enable the reader to identify their catalogue location from section to section. A thumb cut index was introduced, allowing the reader to quickly locate the start of each product range section, while keeping the design consistent. At the beginning of each section Exubra produced an image which represents the quality of the ranges, styled consistently throughout the catalogue. The typographic styling chosen was clean yet contemporary, while the page layouts used white space to allowing the products to stand out sufficiently.


Navigability and meeting the logistical challenge of presenting a huge number of products in an engaging way was made possible by Exubra’s project management and creative tracking tool, allowing designers to shift focus when needed without compromising the project.

The catalogue’s outer covers were given a combination of a soft touch lamination and gloss UV for a tactile and professional feel, which worked in tandem with the cover design. A thorough feedback and proofreading structure was put in place by Exubra before the 348 pages were made ready for print. Exubra arranged for Universal Site Supplies to visit Exubra’s preferred print supplier to see the job on the press itself, before scheduling a convenient date for Universal Site Supplies to take delivery.


Exubra are confident that the result is a unique user experience which will provide the Universal Site Supplies catalogue with the edge over its competitors.

The publication of the new catalogue represents the strengthening of Universal Site Supplies’ supply chain, with them being able to commit to stocking the entire range listed in the catalogue, including the most in-demand products, at super competitive rates.

Universal Site Supplies commented: "When we first approached Exubra we knew we were presenting them with an epic challenge. Their experience of similar projects, coupled with efficient project management allowed us to work together seamlessly throughout. They helped drive the project forward when we ourselves were waning and delivered it on time and on budget. The finished result is everything we had hoped for and more."

Alex Barton, Creative Director at Exubra, said: "At Exubra there is nothing we like more than getting our teeth into a weighty project which allows us to demonstrate a wide cross section of our expertise and skills. Universal Site Supplies carries an unmatched collection of construction products, and we have achieved the objective of making it accessible to their prospects and existing customer base in the form of this easily browsable 348-page catalogue."

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