Why is a good brand important to your Inbound Marketing strategy

Posted by Lee Doran on 10/09/2015

It's all well and good devoting vast amounts of time and money to your Inbound Marketing effort, and you should, but have you ever considered what all these newcomers will discover when they follow the trail of breadcrumbs to your door?


Have you thought about how your branding affects their decision to come in the first place? If not, you really should as, right now, your Inbound Marketing jigsaw is missing a vital piece.

Your brand goes well beyond your logo, your catchy slogan, or your radio jingle. Your brand is the set of ideas and emotions that it stirs up in your prospective client, it's the mission statement that you live by and the core values that you drive home at every given opportunity. You have to strive to be a brand that people trust, a name that sparks instant recognition as a leader in the field and a brand that has something useful to say.

If you've nailed all of these, your inbound marketing efforts will reap the rewards. Why? Because people recognise you, they trust you, they’ll follow you and they’ll help spread your message. The people you already reach can become your biggest advocates and will help spread your message for you if you have created an emotional relationship.

Don't pollute that relationship with shoddy digital marketing, either; make sure that each and every piece - every blog post, every social media post - represents your core values. Treat everything you put out there as a touch point for potential clients, make sure it resonates with your ideal customer and preaches the mission statement, however subtly.

Make sure, too, that when they follow the crumbs that they find a cohesive, structured, consistent and stylish brand at the end of the trail. If a potential customer is entranced by your brand, your website, your corporate video content and simply the way you do business, they'll be more inclined to follow your inbound marketing, and share your content. That’s because your brand is not what you say it is, it's what they say it is. So make sure they're saying the right things and your inbound marketing will reach new heights.

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