Why care where your leads are in The Buyer's Journey?

20/01/2020 Rose Barton
In this article, we look at the relationship between sales and marketing in the context of the customer journey and why you should care. We also explain how your engagement with leads should be fine-tuned with the right sales and marketing!
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Why and How Should You Engage with your Website visitors?

14/01/2020 Alex Barton
It might be said that engagement should underpin everything you offer on your website. After all, if there is no engagement, there are no customers! Whatever the product or service you are providing, engaging your website visitors can be critical to getting the most out of your online activities.
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How Can You Segment Your Leads?

8/01/2020 Alex Barton
If you are attracting a sizeable number of visitors to your website, you need a way of organising these leads, so that you know how to engage with them according to their profile and level of interaction so far.
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How to create the perfect call to action on your website?

3/01/2020 Alex Barton
In this blog, we confirm exactly what a CTA is, and advise you on how to make a great one to improve your lead generation and lead nurturing campaigns. There are some key steps, along with some different ideas which could work for your business. Read on!
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What is a Lead Nurturing Campaign?

22/11/2019 Rose Barton
Marketing in a business sense can be simply summarised as an activity intended to attract leads. But that would be ignoring the vital process of lead nurturing, which can be critical to making the conversions which can have a positive impact on growth.
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