How Do You Score Leads in Lead Generation?

27/11/2019 Rose Barton
Right at the heart of many productive lead nurturing campaigns is lead scoring, which offers a calculated method of assessing the stages of the buyer's journey each lead is at, and ultimately, attract buyers more effectively.
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What is lead nurturing? And why is it so vital?

24/11/2019 Rose Barton
Once you have done your lead generation, it is lead nurturing which can deliver the conversions which we cherish as marketers. But what exactly is lead nurturing, and why is it so important in the quest to attract buyers? In this blog, we look closer.
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What is a Lead Nurturing Campaign?

22/11/2019 Rose Barton
Marketing in a business sense can be simply summarised as an activity intended to attract leads. But that would be ignoring the vital process of lead nurturing, which can be critical to making the conversions which can have a positive impact on growth.
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