Creating a brand personality

Posted by Lee Doran on 27/10/2014

Creating a brand for your business is one of the most important ingredients when it comes to corporate success in the modern age. Quite simply, your business is your brand; your brand is your business.

Think of all the different facets of your business - the products and services you offer, the people who offer them, your core values, and the environment in which you work (in both a physical and business sense). Your brand is the key to communicating these elements.

Creating an effective brand personality will lead to customers making an emotional attachment to your brand. The identity of your brand – the logos, fonts etc – should tie in with your brand personality.

The creation of your brand personality should be heavily informed by what your business currently is and the targets and ambitions you have. Creating a brand personality takes thorough research and preparation. This is where the classic SWOT analysis comes in. We can apply these same key elements to producing brand planning to achieve your brand.

Your brand is a key element to your organization’s success; once you have an understanding of your business, brand creation and implementing it’s values, personality and position will become a natural progression.

Brand Focus and Relevance
Having a clear focus of your target audience is critical to brand success. Having that focus and an expressive dialogue will build a stronger relationship and relevance.

Brand Platform
We have been focusing on brand personality, but we must not forget this is one part of the brand platform. Creating a solid brand platform is also defined by the following:

  • Promise – It’s about creating that promise that your customers will have a positive experience.
  • Values - Making everyday business decisions should be inline with the values you create. The brand values are the key to how your brand develops.
  • Personality - Like a person, your brand must have unique and defining characteristics that compel your audiences to get to know you and build a lasting relationship with your organization.
  • Positioning – This is where you will sow that seed that keeps your brand in your audience’s mind. So you are the first business that they will go to.

Brand Story - We all like a good story. Stories can entertain, inspire, engage and connect with your audience, customers and employees.

Brand Experience - Your audiences experience your business through your brand. A strong brand, properly and consistently executed across all applications and media, leaves positive impressions

Consistency the process is the key. You need to think carefully about the brand process and what message you wish to promote.

Creating your brand identity is a vital ingredient in the creation of a brand personality. Brand identity is all about how the reputation and image of your company is represented though installing your brand planning and how you convey the purpose and values of your brand through typefaces, identifiers, images, colours etc.

A brand creation specialist can help you navigate all the tricky parts of establishing yourself as a brand and making that brand a success.

All of the biggest and best brand personalities – Nike, Apple, Coca Cola – started by knowing exactly what they wanted to say and how they wanted to say it. You can do the same.

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