Are you getting the best out of your brochure?

Posted by Lee Doran on 20/10/2014

A business brochure can convey brand personality, brand credibility and maintain brand loyalty. Applying well written and designed brochures in print and digital formats can communicate with your audience and drive results in your industry. There are many types of brochures that you could have produced for your business, and the first question to address is what type is most suited for what you want to convey?

Corporate Brochures

These are designed to talk about your business as a whole, highlighting the benefits of the company as well as the products and services offered. These brochures will be very brand orientated as they try to get a feel of who you are. They have a vital role to play in promoting your business to new customers, and small companies may even use them as a marketing tool.

Sales brochures

Sales orientated brochures have one aim; to generate leads. If your business is sales orientated and focused on the products that are being sold then, you will benefit from this kind of brochure that has a call to action. Reading this brochure should make a prospective customer do something like pick up the phone or go to a website to make a purchase.

Products and services brochures

If your business offers a product and service in the marketplace and needs to differentiate itself from others, then this brochure will be for you. These brochures should give detailed specifications of the products and services offered with reasons why your company is the best to use. These brochures will also tend to be brand-led as it needs to convey the voice of the company.

The Financial Report

If you are looking to report on the past year and provide insight to the strategy of the business for the year to come, then a financial report will be what you need. Usually, shareholders, employees, Investors and stakeholders read these reports, and some companies put them on their websites. They will normally portray a positive view of the company from a financial point of view. These reports are very powerful and work to engage those involved and those looking to get involved in the business.

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