What is a Lead Nurturing Campaign?

Posted by Rose Barton on 22/11/2019


Marketing in a business sense can be simply summarised as an activity intended to attract leads. But that would be ignoring the vital process of lead nurturing, which can be critical to making the conversions which can have a positive impact on growth. So in this blog, we get to the bottom of lead nurturing, and ask - what is a lead nurturing campaign?

Lead nurturing can be divided into two important elements - content marketing and lead scoring. Content marketing, as you might already know, involves channels such as your email list, website and social media. Lead scoring refers to the 'score' which is assigned to each lead, based on the way they opted in, and other information you might have about them. The score determines which type of lead nurturing campaign they are placed into.

Driving engagement

We can view lead nurturing as the process of keeping leads engaged with your brand while you guide them through the marketing and sales flywheel. Emails, spaced out over a few weeks, typically play an important part in reaching out to leads, and offering them opportunities to engage, and thus become a conversion. Should they take up a call to action in any of the content you send them, they are then placed in another lead nurturing campaign, which is designed for leads further down the 'buyers journey'. What is a call to action? Those are the pathways to conversion in your content, including an invitation to visit a landing page, follow a social account, or call a phone number.

Making the tweaks which matter

Should your lead nurturing campaign not be performing as you would like, you might look at the quality of leads you are capturing, and if you are able to qualify your sales. What is a sales qualified lead? This is a contact which is judged by your sales team to be ready for the next stage in your marketing flywheel. In other cases, you might feel that you could try different activities when it comes to enticing your qualified leads to engage. Whatever the issue is, you should know that there are some helpful lead nurturing solutions on your side.

Behaviour-based marketing automation doesn't only save you time, it allows you to send the right information to the right leads, at the right stages of the buyer's journey. These solutions allow you to scale up or down, depending on the size of your database, taking up a fraction of the resources required by manually conducted campaigns.

The importance of integration

It is absolutely essential that your lead nurturing is a joined-up campaign, which is closely assimilated with your various conversion paths. That means giving leads a clear route to channels such as social media and your website landing pages.

Social media channels can be easily integrated into email marketing campaigns by using follow and share links. These 'buttons' will allow a lead to follow your social media account (be it Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram) with a simple click. You can also use share buttons which allow your content to be posted quickly and easily by a lead on their account.

The landing pages which you direct leads to will depend on their score. Ensure that you make use of the lead pages that convert and perform best in your lead nurturing, and try to make each landing page as relevant as possible for each lead - although perfection is unrealistic in this area of lead generation.

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