What is Inbound Marketing?

Posted by Alex Barton on 16/07/2019

As part 1 of 7 of our Inbound Marketing explainer series, we ask the question: “What is Inbound Marketing?"

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The way in which consumers purchase goods and services has changed dramatically over the last decade. Inbound marketing has come about in response to this change.

Traditionally, marketing has consisted of outbound methods such as TV, radio, newspaper ads, cold calling and Yellow Pages. So what’s the main difference between inbound and outbound methods of marketing?

Outbound is what happens when you use advertising to go out and FIND CUSTOMERS. Inbound is what happens when you educate and promote your business in a manner that allows CUSTOMERS to FIND YOU!

The exciting thing about inbound marketing is that it REALLY DOES help customers to find you and ultimately grow your business.

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