What is lead nurturing? And why is it so vital?

Posted by Rose Barton on 24/11/2019


Once you have done your lead generation, it is lead nurturing which can deliver the conversions which we cherish as marketers. But what exactly is lead nurturing, and why is it so important in the quest to attract buyers? In this blog, we look closer.

What is lead nurturing?

Lead nurturing can be described as the encouragement of interactions between a business and prospects which they have identified as potential customers. By educating the prospect on your product or service, fostering trust, and building familiarity with your brand, you can move your lead through various stages of the buyer's journey.

It must be remembered that in the internet age, prospects typically have many options open to them, and so lead nurturing must be done carefully, with an emphasis on avoiding the 'hard sell'. Choosing the right content to send, the right time to send it, and ensuring the right call to actions are in the content is key.

What is a call to action?

Call to actions are critical to your lead nurturing campaigns. They are the avenues you open for leads to follow in your content - an invitation to call or email, or links to high performing landing pages, i.e. lead pages that convert. Choose them, and place them wisely.

How to qualify your sales

A big incentive in lead nurturing is how to qualify your sales. What is a qualified sales lead? This is a lead which has been assessed by your sales team, and in some cases scored; based on the fit of the lead (the background and job position of the contact), the interest the lead has shown (through engaging and following your call to actions), and the lead behaviour, which can reveal how much knowledge a lead has about your offering.

Substance over style

Successful lead nurturing campaigns prove that it takes more than a flashy website or a big social media presence to achieve conversions. The best lead nurturing drives are anything but 'hit and hope', their objective is pinpointing exactly how to engage with leads so that they are nurtured along the buyer's journey and pushed down the 'sales funnel'.

The case of lead nurturing

If you needed any more incentives to begin a strategic lead nurturing campaign, look no further than the following evidence:

- A research project by Gleanster showed that some 15 to 20 per cent of customers classed as "not yet ready to purchase" were converted using lead nurturing tactics.

- According to HubSpot, companies which blog more than 11 times a month get four times as many leads as those who blog only four to five times a month. HubSpot also revealed that 74 per cent of companies say that converting leads is their top priority, underlining the importance of lead generation.

- Market research firm Ascend2 found that nearly half (49 per cent) of businesses say that their leads need nurturing over the "long cycle", using several influencers.

So there's some food for thought on why lead nurturing can be so imperative to business growth. All that's left now is to work out the best metrics and strategy for you.

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