Where to start with Inbound Marketing?

Posted by Rose Barton on 3/12/2019

As part 3 of 7 of our Inbound Marketing explainer series, we ask the question: “Where to start with Inbound Marketing?"

The inbound marketing process begins with a great website. You want a fully functioning search engine optimised website to be part of this marketing revolution.

 Inbound Marketing helps your website drive the returns you are looking for. If you don't have a website with great quality content, your chances of attracting prospects are much slimmer and if they do manage to find your website they will most likely be met with content that offers no benefit to them- in effect a dead end!

You will also need to have a strong social media presence. By this I mean that you need to engage with users regularly on your social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, to answer questions, educate and inform your prospects, leads and customers.

Ideally, every week you want to create a blog that discusses a pain point, or problem, that your buyers will be experiencing. You then want to present solutions in the form of a guide or a downloadable resource that offers expert and impartial advice to further engage and convert them. Relevant content that also has context will help you find new prospects online, nurture relationships and build trust.

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