Why is Inbound Marketing winning the day?

Posted by Rose Barton on 20/09/2019

As part 2 of 7 of our Inbound Marketing series of videos, we ask the question: “Why is inbound Marketing winning the day?"

Outbound methods of marketing are no longer as effective with consumers and the return on investment has greatly reduced.

With the digital age, consumers can, and do, research online before making a considered purchase.

The great thing about Inbound marketing is that it is comparatively inexpensive. It is very effective at empowering your buyers rather than interrupting them and it utilises your website content, as well as social media platforms, to help your customers to find you.

When done properly, the return on investment from inbound marketing way outperforms outbound marketing methods.

Click below to watch our full series video on Inbound Marketing and discover how you can help customers to find you and ultimately grow your business...

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